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Bioseen Fungi+

Enterococcus Faecalis ≥ 1.0×108 CFU/g, Bacillus Subtilis ≥ 6.0×108 CFU/g, Lactobacillus acidophilus ≥ 1.0×108 CFU/g, Candida utilis ≥ 1.0×108 CFU/g, Edible mushroom sub-entity ≥ 50%.
1. Safe: every selected strain and components are complied to the Feed Safety Standards issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of China. We have gained Export Feed Standard Authentication of this product.

2. High efficacy: It can significantly improve the meat flavor and color with a relative low dose (0.7% ) and short feeding time (40 days for swine and 20 days for poultry before slaughter).

3. Stable quality: The stable quality has been proved by National Research & Testing Center for Meat Products during the past 5 years.

4. Unique technology.
1. It can significantly improve livestock and poultry meat flavor and color; increase Intramuscular fat content and water holding capacity(WHC) among muscle; prolong the shelf life.

2. Stabilize animal intestinal microflora environment; promote the growth and development of immune cells, tissues and organs, thereby improve animal’s immunity.

3. The probiotic secrete a large amount of enzymes, which remove the anti-nutritional factors in the feed and improve the feed utilization rate.

4. Purify the breeding environment.
Application Range:
Poultry and livestock.
Application RangeBioseen-Fungi+
Swine40 days before slaughter: 7kg/mt Feed
Poultry20 days before slaughter: 7kg/mt Feed
1 kg/bag; 20 kg/bag
Stored in a dry place at room temperature, keep away from sunshine.
Shelf life:
12 months
Experimental Data of Bioseen Fungi+
1. Significantly increase Intramuscular Fat Content

3-5% intramuscular fat content is perfect in pork. Intramuscular fat content in CK group is only 2.2%, while the intramuscular fat content in Fungi+ group is as high as 3.9%, 77.2% higher than the CK group. It means the gravy in lean meat of Fungi+ group is more, so that the meat is much more tender and tasty.
2. Significantly increase intramuscular flavor nucleotides, which makes the meat more delicious
The contents of inosinic acid (IMP) and guanylic acid (GMP) in Fungi+ group are up to 32.5% and 28.6% respectively compared to the CK group. It means the content of intramuscular flavor nucleotides in the test group is higher, which means that the meat becomes more tasty and flavorful after cooking.
3. Significantly increase the content of intramuscular Vitamin E, thereby prolong shelf life
The content of Vitamin E is 44.8% higher than the CK group, which means stronger antioxidant ability, better meat quality and longer shelf life.
4. Significantly increase 17 kinds of the flavor amino acids in the muscles, which makes the meat more tasty

5. Increase the content of intramuscular fatty acids (which are good for the meat quality)

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