Beijing Bioseen Crop Sciences Co,. Ltd

Formulation Plant
In order to further expand the market, improve the product quality,
create the brand of YOLOO, and realize the sales target of five
billion yuan, Yoloo started the strategic plan of building the new
production plant in 2014. Laoting Yoloo Bio-technology Co., Ltd
was established in Laoting economic development zone, Hebei in
June 2015. After two years’ intensive project construction, the new
production plant has been completed and has put into production.
Laoting Yoloo Bio-technology Co., Ltd.  is the independent legal
person subsidiary wholly owned by Beijing Yoloo Bio-Technology
Corp., Ltd. With more than 3,000 square meters of modern R&D
center and 30 persons’ R&D team, Laoting Yoloo mainly focuses
on developing and producing environmental friendly green pesticide
mixtures. Laoting Yoloo has invested 400 million yuan to create the
world-class production base and it has domestic first-class fully
automatic production equipment and a professional team with more
than 10 years’ experience of production management. With 30 liquid
production lines, 23 solid production lines, we can fully meet the
production needs of different formulation type including SL, OD, SC,
ME, SE, WDG, WP, EC and so on. Our existing products covered
four categories including insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and plant
growth regulator, totally more than 200 kinds of products.
Fangshan District, Beijing,China