Beijing Bioseen Crop Sciences Co,. Ltd

Beijing Bioseen Crop Sciences Co., Ltd.   is  the  wholly owned
subsidiary of  Beijing Yoloo Bio-technology Corp., Ltd. Beijing
Yoloo Group is a sino-foreign joint venture hi-tech enterprise which was established in 2001. After 15 years’ development, Yoloo has become the leading company in nationwide agrochemical field. Now the total sales of Yoloo has exceeded one billion yuan, which is ranked 5 among more than 3000 formulation  companies , and  also  the  biggest  agrochemical
company in Beijing.
Rooted in the vast land of China with the diversified climates ( tropic,
subtropic,temperate and subfrigid), soils, terrians and crops ,   Yoloo-
Bioseen has created numerous formulations for field crops and economic
crops in past 17 years .  Nowadays  , from Stem-Leave Spray to Seed
Treatment, from Above-ground to Under-ground, Bioseen has developed
relatively complete Crop Protection Solutions for Rice , Wheat , Tomato ,
Cucumber,Grape, Banana, Citrus (tropical and subtropical fruits) and Apple
(fruits grow in temperate regions).
Beijing Bioseen is in charge of International Business of Yoloo. At
present , our group has one Chemical TC producing factory , one
Formulation factory , one Biological Fermentation factory ,  R&D
Centers for TC and Formulations respectively.
Fangshan District, Beijing,China